General Terms and Conditions RCS Plotter Clinic

Service Provider

RCS Systemsteuerungen GmbH
Plotter Clinic
Im Paesch 5
54340 Longuich
Amtsgericht Wittlich HRB 2938
Managing Director: Jürgen Räsch

Refusal of Acceptance

In order to avoid the risk of damage during transport, please send your device only in its original packaging, as this has been specially made. Assemblies for which no special packaging is available must be packed in such a way that no electronic or mechanical damage is possible. If the original box is no longer available, the device must be packed in such a way that the same transport safety is guaranteed as if the original box had been used. Acceptance will be refused if the equipment is sent in improper packaging or if the packaging is defective or worn. Likewise, acceptance will be refused for shipments that arrive at our premises freight collect or for shipments that arrive at our premises without an order.

The return shipment will then be at the expense of the sender in each case.

Transport Risk

The transport risk for damage or loss of the shipment remains with the sender. Transport insurance is expressly recommended by us. No liability is assumed for damage or loss during shipment by/to RCS “Plotter Clinic”. The value of the goods must be entered by the client in the order form. If the sender/client does not enter the value in the order/order form, the equipment will be shipped without transport insurance.

Cost Estimate

If you have checked “repair with cost estimate” on the form, we will send it to you by e-mail or by mail. A flat rate of EUR 100 will be charged for the preparation of the cost estimate. If you have the repair carried out, this flat rate will not be charged. After receiving the cost estimate, please notify us as soon as possible – after 10 days at the latest – whether you want to have the repair carried out.

Flat Rate Inspection Fee

If we are unable to detect a fault in the device, a flat-rate inspection fee of EUR 90 will be charged.

Replacement Parts

If parts have to be replaced during the repair, parts of equal or higher quality than the original are used. The warranty on the replacement parts is six months.


If an order or a rejection is not placed within 10 days after a cost estimate has been prepared, then the device will be returned to the sender with a charge for cash on delivery.


All repairs subject to a charge as well as the return of devices are carried out by cash on delivery. The maintenance time of a device is usually 1 day plus the duration of the shipping route. If an express shipment is desired, the customer must indicate this in his order. The additional costs shall be borne by the customer. All prices are net prices plus VAT and shipping. Our services such as maintenance, repair and general inspection are usually carried out in Longuich. On-site services are due immediately. The “General Terms and Conditions of RCS Systemsteuerungen GmbH” and the “Service Price List Plotter Clinic” apply.

Status: March 2022